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Hak5 is a weekly "home-grown" video podcast about computers, technology and hacking produced by the Hak5 crew and distributed by Revision3. It's hosts have been cited as experts by the NY Times. Shows typically last 35 minutes to an hour and combine information, do-it-yourself projects and special guests, served up with wry humor and notable spoofs on technology. Cast members have also appeared on other more well known and mainstream shows such as Call For Help, Torrent, and Computer America. The Hak5 logo appeared alongside CommandN and This Week In Tech in an issue of the “Adventures of Superman” . Hak5 has also been featured by Wired Magazine (Issue #14.05, pg 128, May 2006) as must-see IPTV ubergeeks. On August 14, 2008 Darren Kitchen, Hak5 co-host announced in IRC that Revision3 has agreed to be a distribution, business, and promotion partner. Hak5 retains all rights, focusing primarily on weekly "Technolust" and the next best hack.