The first iStory volume was called Friend or Foe and was released during the first half of Season Three of Heroes. In this iStory volume, each user is able to begin a mission contract with either Pinehearst Research Group or Primatech Executive Services. Each week of story contains two chapters, a single chapter for both the Pinehearst and Primatech sides. Participants of this volume can play one side or the other or both. The missions are entirely text based with a button to choose an action at the bottom of each scene. Occasionally, related video segments to watch off the NBC site are included as part of the story. Interactive applications to reveal clues are also sometimes employed. If a person chooses the wrong action and dies or gets captured, that person is returned to the beginning of the story and can begin again. Although no registration is required to participate, an email was sent out to current Evolutions players on October 31, 2008, informing them of the upcoming game.