The second iStory volume is called The Private. It began being released during the hiatus between Volumes Three and Four of Season Three of Heroes.

Chapter 1
Release Date: 14 and 16 January 2009
Rachel Mills revisits the ruins of the Pinehearst building. Sometime later, she goes for a job interview, but when the employer asks why she screwed up her career, she begins her story about her last tour of duty in Iraq. In Rachel's recollection, she is assigned to Ghanaf, Iraq, when an attack occurs. Rachel sees that the rest of her unit is disabled and flees with Ammar, her unit's Iraqi translator. Rachel realizes that the message is in Morse code and the translation means she is bugged. However, Rachel's realization comes too late and she gets captured by the enemy.

Chapter 2
Release Date: 23 and 26 January 2009
Still in the interview office, Rachel Mills continues the story of her capture in Ghanaf. After being captured, she waking up at the bottom of a pit. After 12 hours, she is taken to an interrogation, then is returned back to the pit with a wounded man name Jim. Ammar shows up, and Rachel begs him to help them escape. Rachel follows Jim's escape plan, and knocks Ammar out after he helps them get out of the camp. They drive away and encounter a U.S. Special Forces squad. The squad's lieutenant informs them that the squad has received orders to destroy the facility they escaped from on the ruse that they are rescuing them.

Chapter 3
Release Date: 28 January 2009
Still in the interview office, Rachel Mills warns the interviewer that the next part of her story differs from the official account. Then, continuing her recollection, Rachel says that Sam and his men storm the facility, an explosion kills them. Rachel then leaves Jim and heads into the facility by herself, and discovers strange and inexplicable things. When she hears the rumble of trucks, Rachel realizes that the Iranian army is coming, and is forced to choose what to do next.

Chapter 4
Release Date: 3 February 2009
Last summer, after entering the biological warfare compound in Iran, Rachel discovered strange and inexplicable things. In the present, the interviewer that Rachel is retelling her story to tells her to stop. He says he knows how Rachel escaped, and when Rachel questions how, Jim shows up to explain. Without offering too many answers, however, he leaves, and the interviewer returns, telling Rachel that she has gotten the job.