Missing Pieces

Lost: Missing Pieces (announced in November 2005 as the Lost Video Diaries) a 13 part spinoff web series to ABC's Lost. Only 12 episodes were shot with one episode being a deleted scene. The series was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2008. The episodes were later included on the series 3 dvd.


  • Neil "Frogurt" was interested in Libby. ("The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt")
  • Ben told Jack that if he left the Island he may want to return. ("King of the Castle")
  • Michael knew Ben's name before any of the other survivors. ("The Deal")
  • Juliet told Jack of Ben's plan to kidnap the pregnant women. ("Operation: Sleeper")
  • Walt was in Room 23. ("Room 23")
  • Arzt saw Jack chasing the vision of his father around the Island. ("Arzt & Crafts")
  • Arzt initially resisted moving to the caves, but changed his mind after hearing the Monster. ("Arzt & Crafts")
  • Sun planned on using the alias Dahlia Choi after leaving Jin. ("Buried Secrets")
  • Michael and Sun had more of a relationship than we knew about. ("Buried Secrets")
  • Arzt made up the "monsoon season" story. ("Tropical Depression")
  • Arzt was in Australia to meet a woman he met on the Internet. ("Tropical Depression")
  • Juliet was planning on showing Amelia Ben's X-rays. ("The Envelope")
  • Christian Shephard, or some form of him, told Vincent to wake up Jack immediately after the crash. ("So It Begins")