Lost Girl: The Interactive Motion Comic tells the story of Bo before she knew who and what she was. Join her as she lives a secret life in the shadows of the city, trying to survive and unable to control the dangerous urge that controls her life. Then follow Detectives Dyson and Hale as they investigate a strange, grisly murder—and an even stranger set of suspects.

But as the name suggests, this story is interactive. As it plays out, you will be given choices. For example, parts of the scene may "glow" when you run your cursor over them, showing you opportunities for you to interact with the scene and its characters, and discover parts of the story that would otherwise remain hidden. Or dots may appear on-screen; clicking them before the time runs will allow a character to defend themselves. Look through Detective Dyson's cluttered desk for clues or go head to head with an MMA fighter - it is all in the interactive motion comic.