Prison Break: Proof of Innocence is a low-budget spin-off series of the American television series, Prison Break. Made exclusively for mobile phones, its first mobisode became available on the internet for viewing on May 8, 2006. Due to the success of the Fox network's television series Prison Break, the release of this mobisode series was an exclusive deal made between Toyota Motor and News Corporation's Fox network, allowing Toyota to sponsor exclusive content of the show and to obtain advertising exclusivity.

Each episode is approximately 2 minutes long. Although the story of this mobisode series revolve around the conspiracy that put Lincoln Burrows in jail, the series does not feature any of the actors from the TV series. Additionally, these episodes were not written by the team of writers from the TV series. Prison Break: Proof of Innocence follows the character of Amber McCall as she attempts to uncover evidence to exonerate her friend, L.J. Burrows. This mobisode series is produced by Eric Young, who also produced 24: Conspiracy, 24's mobisode series.