This article is for the fictionional organsitation featured in the tv series: Heroes and the web series: Going Postal & The Recruit

The Company (Primatech (cover name)) or Primatech Paper Company is a top secret covert organisation established between January 1977 and February 14, 1977 that was disbanded before Building 26 went active.

In the 70's when a group of 12 came together (including the survivors of the Coyote Sands 1961 incident) and met an individual known as Adam Monroe who had a unique perspective on the evolution of humanity.
Adam Monroe was locked away for thirty years on November 2, 1977,
concluding that he only spent about 10 to 11 months with the Company
The group using there wealth and power setup The Company
to monitor, study and protect the secret of evolved humans as well changing the world into a better place.

Even though The Company was founded in the 70's the survivors of Project Icarus were founded
Primatech Paper Company and other organisations, using the now Redstreet Labs site
as Primatech Headquarters. The four went around since at least 1963
finding/inviting the other founders. They were also helping others and more in the field at this point.

12 individuals with & without powers. Thirty years later all but a handful of the founders dead.

The Company has extremely advance scientific resources within the 70's as it only took
Victoria Pratt and her team a few months to develop a strand of the Shanti Virus so deadly
it could wipe out all of humanity.

Recentlly the organisations main base of operations was the
Hartsdale facility: Primatech Research, untill the facillity burned down.
Before Lindermans death it was a facility at Kirby Plaza and Las Vegas with strong ties to the
Linderman Group.

The Company reach is global with secret facilities and front companys everywhere.

The orginisation itself recognises no law or limit in this world, as Bob Bishop
tested his daughter upto the point were she was permantlly brain damaged.

The Company also maintains a highly secure vault located three floors beneath Primatech Paper Company in Odessa, TX. The vault contains a highly sophisticated security system that is more secure than Primatech Research. The vault is also connected to The Company's surveillance system. The status of the vault after the Company folded is unknown.

Vault Contents:

  • A brain
  • A figurine of the Trojan Horse
  • A gold key
  • A gray pyramid model
  • A kris, similar to that carried by St. Joan
  • Strain 138 of the Shanti virus
  • Three playing cards (the Queen of Diamonds, the Queen of Spades, and the Queen of Hearts)

Company Policy
bag and tag - kidnap murder experinmantion, create a better world
Though originnlly founded to help the evolved humans, save the world from itself and prevent another Coyote Sands incident.
The Company's standard policy is to locate and study evolved humans.
Those whose abilites are controlled and are not a threat to others are tagged with a radioactive isotope.
Some whose abilitys that would have value in operations are offered positions.
People whose abilitys are dangerous or have used ther abilitys to harm others are either placed in
a secure jail known as Level 5 or killed.
No matter what The Company decides to with each indivdual,
everyone has there ability studied to find out how it works its limits/potential
and determaine if the ability can be controlled and if it could be dangerous.

The Company developed pills that surpress abilitys.

The Company suspended all research to surpress abillities after Strand 138 was neraly realesed
for several decades.

With The Founders made of people with and without abilities the organisation is structured the
same way adopting a one of us one of them policy. Usually the normal partner is leader
as The Company thinks that someone needs to watch over them and keep there powers in check.

The Company's key policy is secrecy. The public must never learn the existance of
people with abilities
. To that end they will go to any length,
erasing memorys, destroying records and assination.

Due to Bob Bishop's ability The Company is not bound by finacial restriction and to quote Bob
'we have are own fort know' which suggest they have tons of gold in storage.
Later when The Company is going to be restablished it is funded by the U.S. Goverment.


  • Primatech Research - Company Headquarters & Research Facillity
  • Level 5 - High security facillity within Primatech Research
  • Primatech Paper Company - Pre Company HQ/Company Facillity/Secret Vault
  • Redstreet Labs (formanlly Issac Mendez's Apartment) it was also A HQ for Primatech Paper decades before Issac moved in.
  • Deveaux Society
  • The Company Alaska
  • Kirby Plaza
  • Linderman Group


  • Kaito Nakamura - Founder/Chairman of Nakurmara Industries
  • Charles Deveaux - Founder
  • Arthur Petraili - Founder/Company Official/Founder & Chairman Pinehearst Company
  • Angela Petraili - Founder/Chairman of The Company
  • Danial Linderman - Founder/Chairman of The Linderman Group/Chairman of The Company
  • Maury Parkman - Founder
  • Bob Bishop - Founder/Chairman of The Company/Manager of Primatech Paper
  • Victoria Pratt - Founder/Head Biologist
  • Paula Gramble - Founder
  • Harry Fletcher - Founder
  • Susan Ammaw - Founder
  • Carlos Mendez - Founder
  • Adam Monroe - Company Associate


  • Mr Thompson - Company Official/ Primatech Paper Manager
  • Claude - Former Agent of The Company
  • Mr Bennet - Former Agent of The Company/Regional Sales Manager For Primatech Paper/Copy Kingdom Sales Assistant/Former Agent of Homeland Secruity
  • The Haitian - Former Agent of The Company loyal to Angela Petraili
  • Elle Bishop - Former Agent of The Company/Former Agent of The Pinehearst Company
  • Mohinda Suresh - Former Agent & Researcher of The Company/Former Researcher of The Pinehearst Company
  • Syler - Former Agent of The Company/Watchmaker/

Non Company Opertives/Allies & Enemys of Pinehearst

  • Claire Bennet - Level 5 Bounty Hunter
  • Matthew Parkman - Stop Pinehearst from completing the formula
  • Peter Petraili - Stop Pinehearst from completing the formula
  • Meradith - Former Company Futitive/Agent
  • Dahpnee - Former Pinehearst Mole
  • Hiro Nakurmara - Company Ally - Retrieve Adam Monroe & Save the world from mass abilitys
  • Ando - Retrieve Adam Monroe & Save the world from mass abilitys

Assigment Tracker is a file system used by Company personnal(& later Building 26) that
can be accessed through the Primatech Paper Website.
The files: contain medical history, observations, profiles,
personal histories and psychological profiles and in Hana's case a psychological evaluation.

The Company operates several detention facilities within the organisation.
Level 5 is a Company run jail that is located within Primatech Research, which houses the
most powerful & dangerous evolved humans in the world. Noah Bennet was also kept there for a breif
period. Level 5 has an internal power system that maintains its security system.
There is also four other Level's as Hiro & Ando were detained at Level 2 after they
attacked The Haition and allowed Daphnne to steal Angela's half of the formula.
Level 5 is also refered to as "the dungeons" by Noah Bennet and as Knox as "Super guantanamo"

Level 5 Escapees
Baron Samedi Impenetrable skin
Stephen Canfield Gravitational manipulation
Echo DeMille Sound manipulation
Dennis Unknown
Eric Doyle Puppet mastery
Michael Fitzgerald Enhanced strength and durability
The German Magnetism manipulation
Flint Gordon Jr. Pyrokinesis
Howard Grigsby Bioluminescence
Knox Enhanced strength (fueled by others' fears)
Jesse Murphy Sound manipulation (expressed through voice)
Daniel Pine Metal mimicry
Tina Ramierez Chlorine gas exhalation
Maury Parkman Telepathy
Meredith Gordon Pyrokinesis
Noah Bennet None
Sylar Intuitive Aptitude, Empathic Mimicry and several acquired abilities
Peter Petrelli Empathic Mimicry and several acquired abilities

The Company created a formula that gave humans abilities. The formula was later split in half
between Kaito & Angela. With The Catlyst placed in Claire Bennet
(Which suggests he knew of her ability before The Company/Chairman) shortly before his wife died.
The first half was in a secure safe in Yagato Industries.
The second half kept a secure facillity in France.
The Catalyst was hidden in Claire Bennet by Kaito even Angela didnt know.
The formula was tested on three orphaned triplets: Tracy, Niki & Barbra on the day they were born.
The formula was also tested on Nathan at his father's insistance as Nathan wasnt born with the
hero gene but was born to two parents who were, he would be able to handle it.

The Company operates two tracking system's: The Walker Tracking System & A Satellite that monitors
the radioactive isotope injection.

Reed Street Laboratories
Was a facility purchased by the the original 4 founders in 1963 and became the first ever
Primatech Headquarters it was later abandoned at an unknown date. The property is later
puchased by Isaac Mendez and used as a loft. After Isaac's death The Company reaquires
the property/paintings and renames it: Reed Street Laboratories, sometime during Season 3
the surrvelliance was disabled as Mohinder Suresh was able to create a formula with out
Angela's knowledge using Company resources.

1960sIt is revealed in the third season episode "1961" that Angela Petrelli, Charles Deveaux, Daniel Linderman, and Bob Bishop all met at Camp Coyote Sands. After the tragedy that occurred there that killed hundreds of humans and posthumans, the four agreed to form a company as per Angela's dream to prevent such a catastrophe from happening again by keeping the posthuman population secret from the rest of the world.

In the graphic novels "From the Files of Primatech: 1963", the young founders approach a folk musician named Chris Coolidge at New York City while in the search for other founders of the Company. They also meet a young, runaway Kaito Nakamura at the concert, where Chris uses his ability of enhanced synesthesia to lure people to hear his music, but the police enter the scene, so Chris causes an uprising with his ability that ultimately turns into a chaotic and violent scenario. The founders convince him to stop the riot but Chris is killed while attempting to calm the people. On the other hand, they notice Kaito somehow foresaw the outcome and invite him to join their Company.

1970sIt was revealed in season two that Adam Monroe and a group of twelve founders started the Company thirty years ago, (sometime before February 14, 1977), before the start of the series.[8] Monroe was the one who "brought them all together." Their initial goal was to help other evolved humans: to find and protect them, even if it meant eliminating the "dangerous ones." The original founders were "like minded individuals" who wanted to save the world.[1] "Save the World" has been a central plot point since the beginning of the series.

During one of Hiro Nakamura's journeys into the past, he discovered that one of the Company’s earliest known projects was its research on the Shanti virus.[8] It began on Valentines Day in 1977 when Victoria Pratt, a biological engineer, began doing research on the blood of Shanti Suresh, which contained the virus. On Company orders, she manipulated the virus into a weapon, creating mutation strain 138, which was dangerous enough to kill over 93% of the world’s population. After Monroe attempted to steal the virus for his own gain, the Company, on orders from Kaito Nakamura, decided to lock Monroe up and "throw away the key."[9] Pratt insisted that the virus be destroyed and suggested that someone within the Company was helping Monroe. Kaito disagreed, believing the other founders would "never allow it." Kaito had the virus sent to Primatech Paper in Odessa, Texas.

In the graphic novels "From the Files of Primatech: 1978", Angela enlists a company agent, Mindy Sprague, in replacement of Adam Monroe, to watch over the nuclear plant at Three Mile Island, PA after foreseen an oncoming meltdown due to Mindy's ability to absorb energy and redirect it. After the meltdown happened, Mindy produced a heavy blizzard when she released the energy, which causes the founders to worry about the limits of her ability. Angela informs the others that Mindy and her son, Theodore Sprague, have disappeard, although the Company has already set eyes on young Teddy. Now among the Company founders is listed Arthur Petrelli, who recently introduced Maury Parkman.

1980sIn the episode "The Wall" is revealed that in 1987 the Company took interest in Noah Bennet after seen his work tracking the telekinetic thief that killed his wife, Kate, and taking down another evolved human. Eric Thompson recruited Noah for the Company.

In the graphic novels "From the Files of Primatech: 1988", the Company enlists agents Eric Thompson and Claude Rains on a mission in East Berlin, Germany during the Cold War, being Angela the one in charge of the assignment. Once back at the Company, the founders congratulate Eric's achievement, and Angela informs Claude the real target of the mission: a tracking device (isotope pneumatic injection) that will allow them to track any evolved human they meet in their way, starting with Claude.

1990sDuring a flashback sequence involving Noah Bennet, it is revealed that in 1992, fifteen years after the start of the Company, Kaito Nakamura issued an infant Claire Bennet to Noah Bennet, the then regional manager of Primatech Paper. Claire was to be adopted as his daughter.[10] She was to be returned to the Company after the manifestation of her powers. This was not the case, as Noah Bennet hid her from the Company, fearing that she would be like Elle Bishop, who was turned over to the Company by her father Bob Bishop, at a very young age, which caused Elle to become disillusioned and a sociopathic murderer. Arthur and Angela Petrelli had a hand in "protecting" Claire; however, the circumstances surrounding Claire's "protection" have not been completely revealed. Bob revealed that the Company gave Claire to Noah because the Company felt that he would be "loyal until the end," to which he noted that it worked too well.

2000sIn 2006, Daniel Linderman, Monroe's former disciple, began to put into operation the plans to destroy New York, with (most notably) the help of Angela Petrelli. The plans also involved both Nathan Petrelli and Peter Petrelli, whom Linderman justified by stating, "we all have our roles to play..." Nathan's role was to win the congressional election and eventually become President of the United States and Peter's role was to detonate and explode, destroying all of New York. Linderman's hope was that the explosion would unite the nation behind Nathan, at the cost of .07% of the world's population. These events began to unfold at the beginning of the series, thirty-years after the start of the Company, when Isaac Mendez began painting artwork of the "events to come." The explosion becomes a significant plot point as early as the pilot episode. Throughout season one of the series, it is revealed that the explosion is connected to several characters, many of whom were not clearly associated with the explosion in the beginning. This was the central plot of the entire first season.

Angela and Linderman were the most notable of the founders to be involved in the orchestration of the events of New York explosion and the New York election, however, decades of planning and many people were involved in the initial plans. It has not been revealed as to which founders were involved in the planning, however it is known that Charles Deveaux and Kaito Nakamura did not support the plans. It was also mentioned by Arthur Petrelli that he had known about and supported the bombing. One major part of the planning involved the "puppeteering" done by Linderman in the lives of Niki Sanders and D. L. Hawkins and the birth of their son, Micah. Linderman used Micah to ensure Nathan’s victory, which was the key in his quest to "heal the world". The plans were eventually ruined, as Nathan Petrelli flew Peter out of Kirby Plaza and into the sky, to explode in mid-air rather than in the middle of New York, and D. L. Hawkins killed Linderman. Nathan Petrelli also resigned from public office.

In February 2007, three months after the events of Kirby Plaza, Monroe, with the assistance of Peter Petrelli, escaped the Company prison where he had been locked up for thirty years. After the escape Monroe and Peter lost contact, and Monroe began using Maury Parkman as his "tool" to murder the other founders. It is not clear which of the founders Monroe had murdered, but he was directly involved in the deaths of Kaito Nakamura and Victoria Pratt. Monroe implied that the Company locked him up thirty years ago because he wanted to take his abilities public and the other founders disagreed. Actually, Monroe was locked up after his attempt to seize the Shanti virus from the Company, because the founders felt he was too dangerous. With Monroe locked up for thirty years, it suggested that he did not spend much time with the other Company founders. Bob confirmed that Monroe was murdering the founders in an act of revenge.

Around March 2007, Mohinder Suresh joined the Company as a mole, and with the help of rogue agent Noah Bennet, Mohinder attempted to destroy the Company from the inside. Mohinder, being overwhelmed by the "morally grey" line he was crossing, decided to betray Noah and side with the Company. This inevitably led to the Company's capture of Claire, which Noah had tried to avoid for nearly fifteen years. However, through a series of circumstances, Noah was murdered, and the Company released Claire in light of this "tragedy." In reality, the Company had revived a murdered Noah, using Claire's regenerative blood. This was not told to Claire and the Bennet family, who continued to believe that the Company had murdered him.

In the Volume 2 finale, the Company is threatened by exposure on several fronts. Claire Bennet attempts to put the Company on the run by taking her abilities public. Although West and Sandra Bennet disagree, Claire pushes ahead with the plan, until the Company makes a deal with Noah Bennet, with the agreement that his family would remain safe if Claire remains silent and Noah reinstates himself as an employee of the Company. Meanwhile, after Peter Petrelli is able to destroy the Shanti virus strain 138, Nathan decides to out the Company and arranges a press conference to do so. Before he can reveal his secret, he is shot by an unknown assassin. In the premiere of Volume 3, the assassin is revealed to be Peter Petrelli from the future. Peter came back in time to stop Nathan from revealing the existence of posthumans and thereby igniting a genocide against them. Nathan survives the attack, believing it to be divine intervention.

Sylar, continuing his quest for power, assaults the Company, killing Bob Bishop. During the assault, Sylar is captured, though several powerful "villains" escape. Upon the death of Bob Bishop, Angela Petrelli becomes the new head of the Company, immediately exerting her authority, starting with firing Elle Bishop. However, the Company is eventually dismantled after Sylar destroys the main facility in "Dual". In "An Invisible Thread", a new company is formed by Angela Petrelli, Peter Petrelli, Noah Bennet, and Sylar in the guise of Nathan Petrelli. They will be funded by the American Government.

The Four
The four were the creators of The Company who in the 1960s were esablishing
front organisations/facielites/associeted groups and searching for other founders, who can help with
there mission. The Four also seem to have the highest ranks within The Company as all of them head
up The Company have been one of the original four with the exception of Charles Devroux (who died). Despite what is said by Angela in the present she brought the original four together by telling them all about a Company they will start and she's what there'll do to protech the secret.

Claire Bennet's Protection
In 1992 Kaito Nakamura gave Claire Bennet to Noah Bennet with the intension of her being handed
back if she displayed an ability. Though this may have not been Kaito's reason as he had placed
The Catalyst within her. Arthur and Angela Petrelli had a hand in "protecting" Claire; however, the circumstances surrounding Claire's "protection" have not been completely revealed.
Being Noah's trusted partner The Haitian was monitoring and recieving order's from Angela
concerning Claire without Noah's knowledge.
The Company entrusted Claire to Noah as
he would be "loyal until the end".

Unanswered Questions
What else is in the vault in Odessa?
What happened to Company agents during the Building 26 incident?
How much money does The Company have?
Hey just a few Company related questions:
Did Angela really ever shut down The Company?
Now that The Company is back, will Primatech get a new name and Facility?
We know that Primatech Paper is a front, what are the public fronts for Primatech & Primatech Research?
During the Building 26 operation was Primatech Paper and other Primatech facillities still open for business
Where are the contents of the safe?
The Goverment seems to be using Primatech's Assigment tracker system is there a reason they dont just put all the info on there system?
In series 3 Danko mentioned some missing files is little Molly Walker's one of them, as she could have been a major asset for the goverment?
Is Rachel working for Angela if so why did Angela let her go?
Is Noah Bennet really the new boss as he doesn't seem as a guy with a larger as agenda than protecting his family?
Is Angela retired or will she resume control of The Company?
How will The Company change now that its goverment, will they know what Primatech knows or are they being used till the presidents out of office?

Prior to The Company founding The Four esablished Primatech Paper/Primatech Paper Company/Primatech
and set up the 1st Primatech HQ which by 1963 was filled with vast files.
The facillty would later become abandoned and the flat
of Issac MendaZ, Then purchsed by The Company.
The facillity survied as the main base of operations for:Angela Petraili, Charles Deveaux,
Daniel Linderman & Bob Bishop while they helped evolved humans and searched for founders for The Company.
Some time in the 70's The Company was established and absorbed the organisations that became
the structure of The Company.
The Company was given the covername: Primatech. Primatech Paper Company was given regional branches
around the globe.

The Company's video surveillance system provides visual access to different locations. The system is powered by Cisco.

Susan Amman — a woman who posed in the founders' group photo; cause of death is unknown.
Bob Bishop — a man with the Midas touch; killed by Sylar. One of the original 4.
Charles Deveaux — a wealthy man whose rooftop hosted many Company men and women; died of natural causes. One of the original 4.
Harry Fletcher — a man who posed in the founders' group photo; cause of death is unknown.
Paula Gramble — a woman who posed in the founders' group photo; cause of death is unknown.
Daniel Linderman — a mobster and casino owner who appeared to be giving Thompson and other Company operatives orders; killed by D.L. Hawkins. One of the original 4.
Carlos Mendez — a man who posed in the founders' group photo; cause of death is unknown.
Kaito Nakamura — a powerful business man who directed Mr. Bennet to raise Claire; killed by Adam Monroe. Kaito joined the Company in 1963, making him the 5th founder.
Maury Parkman — worked with Adam to attack the other founders, then worked with Pinehearst; killed by Arthur Petrelli.
Angela Petrelli — wife of Arthur and accomplice in Linderman's plan; current Director of Company operations. Last living member of the Company founders. One of the original 4.
Arthur Petrelli — Linderman's criminal defense attorney. Barely survived a murder attempt by his wife and went on to run Pinehearst; killed by his son and Sylar.
Victoria Pratt — a former biological engineer for the Company; killed by Adam Monroe.
Gael Cruz — a high-ranking official in the Company; killed by Sylar.
Ivan Spektor — Noah and Claude's trainer; killed by Noah Bennet.
Thompson — Mr. Bennet's immediate superior in the Company; killed by Noah Bennet.
An agent and his partner — died attempting to bag and tag Echo DeMille.
An agent — shot by Sabine as she escapes from Level 5 with Julien.
An agent — a Primatech employee involved in logistics.
An agent — a Primatech employee who visits a New York City hospital.
An agent — helps his deaf partner to communicate.
One of two agents sent to a café on Newburry to capture Echo.
Noah Bennet — the former "field manager," whose main goal seems to have been to identify and monitor evolved humans. He is back with the company.
Ahlrich Dekker — an agent who was present at the battle with Evs Dropper.
Berk Donahue — an agent who was involved in the battle with Evs Dropper .
Sean Fallon — former leader of the support team and current leader of the Kill Squad.
Hank — a medical professional who investigates Sylar's condition and possibly dies in the process.
Haram — left because of mental reasons after the Fusor case fell through.
Hartsdale duplicate — coordinated a big bag and tag mission; killed by Sabine.
Sabine Hazel — joined Evs Dropper briefly before being retaken into Company custody; pregnant with Dumont's child known as the "package".
Howard — died when his partner shot him attempting to bag and tag Echo.
Lisa — a woman who once posed as Claire's birthmother.
Penny Logan — daughter of Connie Logan and Julien Dumont who attempted to bring down the Company under the guise Evs Dropper; shot by the Kill Squad.
Liza Messer — an agent who is partners with Albert Rossling.
Hsiu-Mei Park — an agent who was partnered with Sebastian Shell.
Devin Patterson — the agent who tracked down and killed Cushing; killed by the German.
Andre Perez — an agent killed in the battle with the army of clones.
Julia Ryan — an agent used to capture slippery assignments; killed in the battle with the army of clones.
Mohinder Suresh — believed by Bob to be working for the Company, but actually working with Noah to bring them down.
Thompson Jr. — a Company agent and the son of Thompson.
Thompson's colleague — friends with Thompson, Jr. and helps him identify a woman.
Jamie Wu — an agent supposedly killed by Cushing.
Evolved Human Agents
Lukas Bahn — often captures slippery assignments.
Bridget Bailey — an agent and former lawyer who has the ability of clairsentience. Murdered by Sylar.
Elle Bishop — an employee of the Company who has lived within the facility for sixteen years. Murdered by Sylar.
Felicia Brooks — a feisty woman who trained new recruits; killed batting the army of clones.
The Constrictor — an agent who dies trying to bag and tag Echo DeMille.
Leonard Cushing — an evolved human agent with the power to secrete acid, he is killed by Devin Patterson under the impression that he is Evs.
A deaf agent — successfully captured Echo DeMille.
Julien Dumont — was married to Connie Logan; signed up for testing and was held captive by the Company; killed by Bianca to eliminate all attacking clones; also known as the "Dumont System".
Donna Dunlap — has a fleeting connection to Evs; killed for her conversion.
Robert Ferguson — an agent who has the ability to alter his own physical size.
Manuel Garcia — originally a target of the Logan partnership; killed when fighting the army of clones.
The Haitian — a mysterious man of few words who can suppress the powers of others and erase memories.
Paul Harding — a man who fights in the battle with an army of clones against orders; killed in the process.
Bianca Karina — engaged to Gael; killed by Sylar.
Connie Logan — formerly married to Julien Dumont; attempted to bring down the Company under the guise of Evs Dropper. Deceased.
Maarten — helps capture the liquid man.
Eden McCain — the late assistant to Noah; trained Elle in how to be an agent.
Isaac Mendez — the late artist who helped Mr. Bennet locate evolved humans.
Claude Rains — a former employee of the Company who was presumed dead.
Albert Rossling — an agent who has the ability to control the intensity of the weather and natural phenomena.
Niki Sanders — a woman who gave herself up to the Company in order to be cured of her split personality. Deceased.
Sebastian Shell — an agent killed in the battle with the army of clones.
Candice Willmer — a late employee of the Company who worked directly with Mr. Thompson. Murdered by Sylar.
Noah Bennet — a former agent of the Company who turned against the organization. Now back with the company.
Echo DeMille — a man killed numerous agents while avoiding capture. Killed by Sylar.
Flint — a ruthless man who escaped Level 5 who can create blue flames. Deceased.
The German — a man who can move metals who was detained by the Company before escaping. Killed by Knox
Howard Grigsby — the man responsible for Noah's sight impairment before being detained by the Company.
Brendan Lewis — a man detained by the Company who killed several agents. Deceased.
Adam Monroe — a visionary who brought the founders together, but turned against the Company, was imprisoned, and then broke free. Killed by Arthur Petrelli
Jesse Murphy — a man captured and detained by the Company before escaping. Killed by Sylar.
Peter Petrelli — a man who was detained by the Company because he was dangerous.
Sylar — a serial killer who was detained by the Company, before becoming an agent.
Benjamin "Knox" Washington — a man powered by fear who escaped from Level 5. Killed by Tracy Strauss.
Other Personnel
Sean's support team — the group of soldiers comprised of Sean Fallon, Tom Drake, Rosetti, Ballou, and an unknown squad member; team disbanded when some were killed.
The Kill Squad — the Company's secret group of soldiers lead by Sean Fallon, answering only to Gael Cruz and formed after most of the support team's members were killed.
An optometrist — helps Noah after his vision is damaged.
Primatech secretary — a Primatech employee who takes care of administrative duties.
Rufus — a security guard at Primatech Paper Co..
Stanley — a security guard at the Company facility in New York City.
Molly Walker — also known as the "Walker System"; can locate people.
Places and Organizations
Alaskan facility — the secret facility in the Alaskan tundra to which Hana Gitelman is taken.
Company facility — where Piper and Debbie are examined and tested by Company doctors.
The Company's operating room — where doctors extract information from Matt Neuenberg's brain.
Computer control room — where Matt Neuenberg discovers Hana and Drucker's plot.
Kirby Plaza building — where Molly Walker is treated and Micah Sanders is held.
Linderman Group — the organization that funds the Company.
Matt Neuenberg's cell — where Matt is kept after having his enhanced memory tested.
Matt Neuenberg's room — Matt's slightly more luxurious cell.
Pharmatech Industrial Building — the Billings, MT building which stockpiles specialized needles.
Primatech Paper Co. — the front for the agency's activities, located in Odessa, TX; includes:
Mr. Bennet's cell
Matt's cell
Medical facility
Sylar's cell
Ted's cell
Primatech Research — the main center of operations for Bob, containing several other locations, including:
Bob's office
Company file room
Company firing range
Company parking garage
The Company's hospital
Gael Cruz's office
Level 5
Noah's treatment room.
Items and Events
Bag and tag — the Company's process for tracking evolved humans.
Glycimerine — a drug administered to Sylar
Guns — the highly customized guns used extensively by members of the Company.
The Mark — a scar left by the pneumatic syringe
Pneumatic syringe — a hypo gun used to inject a radioactive isotope and track subjects.
Satellite — used to track evolved humans, and destroyed by Hana.
Shunt — a medical device that is inserted into the brain.
Surveillance system — used by Elle to stop Sylar at Reed Street Laboratories.
Tasers — used by various agents.
The tracking systems — the Walker System and a satellite used to track evolved humans.
Ted's file — a file kept by the Company on Ted Sprague.

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