Tiki Bar TV
Tiki Bar TV is a web series distributed in the pioneering field of video podcasting or "vodcast." Produced in an apartment Tiki bar on a low budget, the humorous and heavily ad-libbed show is a creative outlet for its creators Jeff Macpherson and Kevin Gamble. The show garnered additional attention after being mentioned at Apple's iPod Video launch.[1] Each episode features a problem that is rectified by the episode's namesake cocktail, which is scribbled on a prescription pad by Dr. Tiki (Macpherson) and "filled" by the bartender Johnny Johnny (Gamble) who explains the construction of the cocktail. Lala is the Tiki Bar's primary denizen who opens each episode with a dance. Most episodes also include a segment called "Tiki Mail," where mail from viewers or disgruntled neighbours is answered. Episodes usually end with outtakes, the cast dancing, and a slate giving the official website and email address. The show originates from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. It is considered by many to be one of the pioneering video podcasts credited with launching the genre.

Tiki Bar TV was shown in Apple stores worldwide as part of a 6 month promotion in 2006.[2]

The first episode was released on iTunes on March 13, 2005. Each episode is approximately 5 minutes long.